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Exchange Artspace

Christchurch, NZ

Group show with Tracey Osborne

Photos supplied by Hannah Beasley

Cute Bum

Embroidered thread

[1000mm w x 600mm h approx.]

Can I Get You Something To Drink?

Embroidered thread

[1400mm h x 2150mm w]

Slogan Brooches (and my face)

Embroidered thread

[dimensions vary - approx. 100mm x 50mm ea]

SOME SOLD - please enquire for more info

Tracey Osborne uses objects which have already had a life, believing the history

embedded within the object contributes to the conversation. New things, things

without a history have no place in her lexicon.

In these particular works the words are laid out as they were posted on Facebook by

the young people Osborne works with; unedited, with no history or sub-text to give

them context. They are stitched on to school blazers which in themselves carry a

certain amount of social expectation.

The following two images show Tracey's work.

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